Today India is one of the countries that attracts most of the attention of the World’s community. With its impressive economic growth, constant development and increasing importance in the global stage India is a unique phenomena, comparable in some aspects only to China, from which differs in several aspects. During this 60 years many things changed, but still a lot is left to be done. If now India is the new Silicon Valley and most of the guys in the IT companies have a quality of life as good as western professionals, still the most of the country’s population lives at the edge of poverty. India is the second most populated country in the world, and the gap between poor and rich is increasing every day. In the end we are going to have more Indian superbillionaires but almost the same poor people, if not more. Wealth redistribution still doesn’t exist. In my opinion India (and China, and many other countries too) should pay a little bit more attention to their social issues, and try to make their countries a better place to live in for their people instead of pursuing frenetically the race to who will be the next world’s power. Is useless to be in the G8 if half of your population is starving. Economic growth has brought enormous benefits to India, or to at least a part of it, now is time to let also the other part have a slice of the cake.

Here is a video that I think really makes the point: “There are two India, one wants, the other hopes…”